Bukas na Liham Para kay Pres. Roman & sa BOR Members re: Chancellorship ng UP Mindanao

Posted on February 16, 2010



Mula sa hanay ng mga mag-aaral at manggagawa (kaguruan at administrative staff) ng UP Mindanao, ipinararating po namin sa inyo ang mga isyu na kasalukuyang bumabagabag sa aming lahat. Matagal din po kaming nagsawalang kibo at nanahimik dahil sa pag-asang, mayroong mga pagwawasto at pagbabago na magaganap. Subali’t nabigo po kaming lahat. Patuloy pa rin ang mga hindi katanggaptangap na mga ugali at kalakaran at may mga pagkakataong lumala pa
kaysa sa dati. Hinihiling po namin na bigyang pansin ninyo ang mga sumusunod na mga isyu na kinasasangkutan ni Chancellor Gilda Rivero:
1. Abuse of authority/Negligence of Duty
1.1 No respect for the approved organizational structure of UP Mindanao (BOR 1165th on October 2002). As approved by the BOR, the Office of Extension and Community Services (OECS), was under the jurisdiction of the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. On 16 July, 2008, GCR thru her Admin Order no. 2008-020, as decided by the EXECOM, ordered that the same office will be devolved directly under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration. Lately, on December 10, 2009, thru GCR-2009-038, the Chancellor declared that the same office will be directly under the control of the Office of the Chancellor. The same case happened to the Office of Information
Technology Office (ITO), where supervision is being moved from one office to another, which is not in adherence with the approved organizational structure.
1.2 Non-adherence to some provisions of the UP Code 2006: Section , Art. 23 on the membership of the Executive Committee.
1.3 Untimely intervention in the process of hiring of administrative staff, specifically in inserting additional requirements and criteria other than the original requirements, at the middle of the process (the case of hiring AO-3 to be assigned to the budget office)
1.3 Failure to deliver the regular annual physical examination of all UP Min workers and faculty for almost three years with no explanation why this regular system program is being suspended. As stated in UP System (2006), under Article 65, (C) on Administrative and Fiscal Matter, No, 46, “Authority to negotiate with private hospitals to provide the annual physical/medical examinations for faculty, staff and students is delegated to the Chancellors of UP Visayas, UP
Mindanao, and UP Baguio. It was only in October, just after circulating the open letter related to the absence of annual physical examination that a schedule for the concern was announced.
1.4 Awarding of honorarium in the name of the Board of Regents, to the administrative staff of the Chancellor’s Office (Ms. Jo-An A. Garcia as Project Assistant and Mr. Ricky R. Verdeflor as support staff) for projects without mention of any specific project of the Chancellor’s Office.
1.5 Claiming that staff assigned to the Office of the Chancellor are her personal staff. It must be noted that the personnel’s salary of the so declared “personal staff” is drawn from the personnel funds of the university.
1.6 Failure to convene the prescribed committees like Personnel Evaluation and Review Committee despite repeated reminders of the union officers to the HR Director. The same issue was also highlighted during the consultation with Civil Service Commission Representative in 2009.
1.7 Failure to include Union’s representation in some committees as provided for the Collective Negotiatipon Agreement between UP System Administration and Union’s recognized bargaining agents. At the same time, the Chancellor refused to abide by the provisions of the Collective Negotiated Agreement (CNA) as reflected in the absence of response to the request of the officers for office space.
2. No respect for collegiality/Conduct Unbecoming of a Government Officer
2.1 Pagmumura ng “mga hangal, para kayong mga hangal” during the despedida party of Prof. Concepcion, (after resigning from the post of Vice-Chancellor for Administration) in the presence of the majority of the administrative staff, some SOM faculty, and Prof. Concepcion herself. (Context of this event was thoroughly discussed by one of the victims during the Search Committee consultation with the Faculty of the School of Management held on January 12, 2010, 1:30 to 4:30 pm, Terraza Mileza Campus)
2.2 Insulting and responding negatively to Prof. Gamboa’s sharing of her thoughts in one of the University Council meetings.
2.3 Walking out during the presentation of the accounting office on the proposed operations manual and corresponding process flow due to her non-conformity with the policy being discussed.
2.4 Tantrum during the opening of the ‘Dula 2008’ (UPMin Sports Fest), for she was not informed of the change in color of the team’s uniform which was followed by insulting the coordinator of the activity in public.
2.5 Scolding the utility worker, during a University Execom Meeting, for serving her coffee using unmatched cup and saucer. (As narrated by the members of the Execom who attended the said meeting)
3. No transparency/information disclosure/and consultation
3.1 Withholding of memo coming from the system and delaying the distribution to UPMin colleges and other units (per Memo PERR 08-23 on distribution of the 10% increase in 2008). It must be noted that the said increase was only released after the Unions have circulated an open letter and have called for a consultation with the concerned administrators. The release was made 34 days after the issuance of the Memo PERR 08-23.
3.2 Failure to disseminate the information related to the call for monetization of leave credits on time, where the first call was only circulated on November 4, 2009. It must be noted that the said Memo was released on October 14, 2009 giving only two days for the constituents to submit the necessary documents. Release was only done on November 27, 2009. (Please refer to Annex No. 9, the Open letter of the unions related to the delay of calling for monetization, first round)
3.3 Absence of the call for the 2nd monetization, which remained unresolved up to date despite repeated query and request to the HRDO by the constituents. It is worth noting the said question was raised during the presentation of nominees for Chancellor last January 11, 2009. The incumbent chancellor responded in this manner, “ walang nag-request. VC Mike, mayroon bang nag-request?” It must be noted that many staff and faculty have forwarded the required forms with the HRDO and that the Unions have circulated another query related to the issue. (Please refer to Annex No. 10, Union’s open letter requesting for the 2nd call for monetization)
3.4 Failure to circulate the BOR approval on the establishment of Biotech-UP Mindanao (2007), in addition to the biotech programs of the other UP units like Biotech-UPLB, Biotech-UPManila, Biotech-UP Visayas, among others.
3.5 Failure to present the financial report of UP Min from the time she assumed office to date. As stated in the Chancellor’s letter to Ms. Lynda Buenaobra dated November 6, 2008, she stated that, “On the Funds Status, this administration reserves the right to limit circulation of hard copies.” Connected with this concern is the failure to present the financial report of the total expenditure during her investiture which she promised to all students during her consultation with them in early 2009.
3.6 Lack of consultation with the constituents on major issues affecting workers’ welfare and employment.
Matapos po naming ilahad ang ilan sa mga isyu na nakaka-apekto sa relasyonan sa pagitan ng Chancellor at mga constituents, hinihiling po namin ang inyong masusing pag-susuri sa aming kalagayan. Halos, limang taon na po kaming tumahimik kasabay ang pag-asa na may pagbabagong magaganap. Subali’t hindi na po namin mapigilan ang paghingi ng pagbabago at reporma dahil ang nakasalalay dito ay ang kinabukasan ng buong UPMindanao. Umaasa po kami na pakikinggan ninyo ang mga hinaing ng mga apektadong sektor dito sa UP Mindanao. Malaki po ang inyong papel na gagampanan sa pagtataguyod ng pagbabago at pag-unlad ng UP Mindanao, lalung-lalo na sa inyong pagdedesisyon sa magiging Chancellor sa susunod na tatlong taon.
Read the PDF version of this open letter: upmin open letter to BOR condensed version