UPLB Chancy’s Son, Peers Suspect to Black Propaganda Distribution

Posted on February 17, 2010




THREE MEN, INITIALLY IDENTIFIED as UPLB students, were caught allegedly distributing black propaganda flyers in several buildings within the campus premises at around 2:45 AM on Feb 5.

Members of the Samahan ng Kabataan para sa Bayan (SAKBAYAN) including the alliance’s Chairperson, Leo XL Fuentes Jr., reported the incident to the University Police Force (UPF) and sought for investigation as Fuentes claimed that the flyers contain black propaganda.

The flyers, entitled “Panawagan mula sa isang kasama ng kilusan, lider-estudyante, kapwa Iskolar ng bayan,” accuse the University Student Council (USC) and a certain student publication of alleged corruption of fund and a “partido” of its alleged anomaly in the student council elections. The flyers, as they mentioned the death of former student Nai Maderazo who became a red fighter of the New People’s Army, condemned the “alarming increasing recruitment” of the armed group.

Fuentes claimed that the flyers aimed at “degrading the integrity of student institutions through unsubstantiated accusations.”

No interrogation took place before the UPF released the three at around 4:00 AM. Fuentes rebuked the partiality of the investigation process and the UPF specifically of a certain Jerry Pelegrina, who was supposed to take the investigation.

Suspects’ route
Fuentes told Perspective that he was walking near the Physical Sciences (PhySci) building with Mickey Nieto, Bernadette Rodriguez, Mark Briones and Mikel Mozo when they observed the three men suspiciously walking near the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) building.

The group followed the three men and saw them passing the New CAS building (NCAS), and went to the Biological Sciences (BioSci) building.

Fuentes and company saw the three men again near the College of Development Communication building. He then received a text message from USC Chairperson Odraude Alub, who was at an assembly for a field trip at that time, informing him that there were black propaganda materials near the College of Economics and Management (CEM).

The group went to CEM and confiscated the alleged black propaganda. Fuentes received another text message from individuals Iggy Zuñiga and Nilo Macuha saying that the same flyers were found in CAS, NCAS and BioSci buildings.

Fuentes and his colleagues confronted the men regarding the alleged distribution of black propaganda. The three answered that they did not know anything about it. And when asked if they belong to any organization, one of the three answered that they were “barbarians” (a term referring to a UPLB student who is not affiliated to any student organization).

Fuentes identified one of the three men as Eric Velasco, the son of UPLB Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco.

The three suspects attempted to walk away from CEM when Fuentes called for the security guard on duty at the said building.

Not reprimanded
The three were brought to the UPF office at around 3:20 AM. Fuentes demanded that the names of the three be determined by the UPF investigation officer Pelegrina.

“Sinabi ko na SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) na kilalanin [ang tatlong lalaki]. Tapos, dun nagsalita si Eric Velasco na: ‘Bakit naman namin ibibigay yung pangalan namin sa iyo? Alam naman naming gagamitin niyo lang ‘yan sa katarantaduhan.’”

Perspective consistently attempted to hear the sides of Pelegrina and the three men. However, the three remained silent about their identities and the accusation against them. Pelegrina also did not answer back Perspective’s inquiries.

Catch and release
The UPF let the suspects leave the police station after being held for about one hour.

Pelegrina, several members of the UPF and Community Support Brigade (CSB) in motorcycles escorted the three students to their destination.

Perspective also followed the three and attempted to interview them.
Meanwhile, Beverly Laguartilla, business manager of Perspective, felt insulted after one of the three students answered her with “’Tang ina, ang ingay mo.” News editor Estel Estropia was shoved in the hand as she records the interview using a mobile phone. By Jonelle Marin & Mark Vincent Baracao. [P] [UPLB PERSPECTIVE]

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