UP Cebu Faculty Votes to Retain UP High School

Posted on February 20, 2010



Governor Garcia favors a ‘school for the arts’; may ‘revoke’ 1969 donation of prov’l lots

With 53 votes against 22, faculty members of the University of the Philippines Visayas Cebu College yesterday voted to keep its high school open.
The secret balloting capped two days of intense discussion about the school’s limited resources and UP Cebu’s plan to push for more autonomy in the UP system. There were six abstentions and one blank ballot.

The proposal of Dean Enrique Avila to phase out the 250-student high school was rejected by the unit-wide faculty meeting.

Meanwhile, Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, who earlier offered financial aid to keep the high school open, sent “verbal notice” to the UP administartion that the state-run school in Cebu has breached conditions of a 1969 donation of provincial lots in barangay Lahug where the campus is located.

“There are questions as to the ownership of the properties that need to be further studied in the light of our entering the scene,” Garcia told visiting UP high school faculty.

“With our position that the deed of donation (was violated), we could come up with with a new agreement with the UP administraitn along with the province’s wish, not just to help UP High, but also to pursue a school for the arts.”

“Our intervention now is of utmost importance and is premised on the donation,” she said in the hour-long meeting at her Capitol office.

Provincial Attorney Marino Martinquilla said the province could “revoke” the land donation anytime and that any developments on the land “should have the consent of the provincial government.”

The 1969 Deed of Donation states that the land would be used for a UP Cebu Junior College offering courses in education, public administration and science.

The Junior College has already closed and been replaced with the UP Cebu College, which is under the UP in the Visayas based in Miag-ao, Iloilo.

Governor Garcia and her brother Rep. Pablo John Garcia have been discussing deveopments with UP president Emerlinda Roman.

Yesterday, the governor said another meeting with Roman is in order to take up three points — the sustainability of the high school, how the province can help maintain it under the UP system, and ownership of the land occupied by the college and high school.

“There is a gray area there whether or not we should revert the property back to the province,” said Garcia.

She met with high school principal Purita Baltazar, Dr. Primitivo Ereno, Sofia Logarta, Rosario Montaño and Catherine Rodel. The faculty presented a proposal for an arts-integrated curriculum. Garcia favored the idea because province-owned but still idle Sugbo bo Cultural Center is in the campus.

/Reporter Dale G. Israel and Ana Coritha Desamparado

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