From a Retired PGH Personnel on the PGH Directorship Issue

Posted on March 6, 2010


From a Retired PGH Personnel on the PGH Directorship Issue

The Directorship issue in PGH is just the tip to the iceberg. The past years, the uppaid Meralco bills, the laboratory services that are not available forcing patients to run to private laboratories, the basic medicines constantly out of stock ,the monetization of leave credits that employees in PGH are not able to avail of , while the rest of the employees in the UP System employees enjoy, all point to mismanagement that was covered up by the expensive ISO certification process.

The faculty doctors should also realize by now that they were used : free clinic spaces in FMAB were dangled so that a private group would be able to privatize and corner the lucrative pharmaceutical and laboratory business in PGH, and right within its premises ! Even Chairman Angeles had misgivings about allowing a private group to operate these services in PGH. But why was this approved by the BOR ?

When the AUPWU, persisted in fighting for this issue, the bright legal minds of the university sought legal opinion on the contract of the FMAB. DOJ told them in no uncertain terms that they violated the UP Charter, now what ? Isn’t going to the Ombudsman the next logical step ?

Many retirees like myself have been joining the continuing efforts to give justice to Dr. Joegon because we are aghast to see our officials bastardizing revered institutions , ethics and collegial practices in the university. Its a sad day indeed, when “impunity” has reached the hollowed halls of the university that has nurtured us and taught us these values ! Sad…sad… .sad… where is all this going to end….

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