UP student councils: Protests to greet Pres. Roman, Malacañang regents on graduation exercises

Posted on March 25, 2010


UP student councils: Protests to greet Pres. Roman, Malacañang regents on graduation exercises

25 March 2010 / News Release
The largest alliance of student councils in the University of the Philippines (UP), vowed to step up protest actions even during the different graduation exercises across the UP System this April to demand among many issues the reinstatement of Student Regent (SR) Charisse Bañez and Philippine General Hospital (PGH) director Jose Gonzales, non-interference in the upcoming selection of a new student regent and the scrapping of fee increase proposals.

The Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (KASAMA SA UP), which has 31 member student councils from UP Baguio down to UP Visayas and Mindanao, took a swipe at the “lame cover up of UP Pres. Emerlinda Roman that everything is orderly and ‘business as usual’ despite the big protest yesterday in Diliman. The fact is students, faculty and staff of the different campuses are up in arms against the meddling of Malacañang in the University and crude and undemocratic push of the UP administration to extract money from the students and privatize more sections of the University.”

Ana Coritha Desamparado, KASAMA SA UP chairperson and outgoing UP Visayas Cebu College Student Council head, congratulated participants of the multisectoral, Luzon-wide protest held yesterday in UP Diliman for “successfully thwarting the railroaded approval of policies detrimental to the students and the University as a whole.”

“We are confident that the graduates of 2010, the last batch that was spared from the Php1000 tuition, are ready to take part in the protests during their commencement program. This will be their show of solidarity and legacy to the younger Iskolar ng Bayan,” said Desamparado.

Maristel Suliva, deputy secretary general of the KASAMA SA UP, expressed that “the March 24 mobilization in UP Diliman serves as a warning against the grave abuse of power of Roman and the Malacañang appointees in the Board of Regents (BOR). We will not allow a BOR meeting without a student regent.”

The BOR is the highest decision-making body of UP.

“The undemocratic ouster of SR Bañez and PGH Director Jose Gonzales are signs of the crisis in the University. The policies of Roman for the duration of her six-year term has not improved the situation of the University instead it has made the school expensive and inaccessible to the poor,” said Desamparado.

“The Roman administration’s move to increase athletics fee and impose laboratory fees in PE courses including the plan to raise tuition of UP Baguio’s graduate program are serious student concerns. Without a student regent, surely such proposals will easily be railroaded and shall burden more students next school year,” added Suliva.###

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