102 Doctors Join PGH Mass LOA, as of Easter Sunday

Posted on April 8, 2010


As of Easter Sunday 102 (and still growing) brave PGH Doctors  are joining the mass LOA protest.

1.    Manuel Agulto – Former Chairman of Ophthalmology

2.    Marge Lat-Luna

3.    Joey Lapena

4.    Randy Abdullah

5.    Eric Legaspi

6.    Jose Joven Cruz

7.    Jonas del Rosario – TOYM for Medicine

8.    Eric Talens

9.    Butch Felizar – Department of Anesthesia Chairman

10.Gerardo Legaspi

11.Jose Anthony Jocson

12.Randy Nicolas

13.Venancio Garduce

14.Mario Geronilla – Department of Orthopedics Chairman

15.CJ Gloria

16.Pio Villacorta

17.Jubert Benedicto

18.Abundio Balgos Associate Dean UPCM (Resigned in Protest)

19.Mariel Nicolas

20.Arnel De jesus

21.Abe Marinduque

22.Dennis Serrano

23.Ted Herbos former Chairman Department of Emergency Med

24.Leo Cubillan

25.Edelina Dela Paz

26.Herbie Uy

27.Alvin Marcelo – Head of Medical Informatics, TOYM for Medicine

28.Francisco Manalo

29.Rene Tuazon – Former Chairman of ENT Department

30.Leah Tantoco

31.Edison Ty

32.Ricky Salonga

33.Bebol Paterno

34.Malloi Calaquian

35.Butching Paterno

36.Felix Lukban

37.Pablo Lazatin III

38.Jaime Galvez Tan – Former DOH Secretary

39.Aileen Cubillan

40.Portia Marcelo

41.Adrian Manapat

42.June Lopez

43.Telly Hidalgo-How

44.Ben Vista

45.Gene Abes – Former Chairman of ENT Department

46.Olympia Malanyaon

47.Carlos Chua – Department of Neurology Chairman

48.Eris Llanes

49.Charlotte Chiong

50.Gary Mercado

51.Peter Bernardo

52.Jun Kaw

53.Agnes Mejia – Department of Medicine Chairperson

54.Grace Herbosa

55.Joan Ocubillo

56.Eduardo Bautista

57.Benjie Dela Paz

58.Lara Alentajan-Aleta

59.Cynthia Dominguez

60.Eugene Reyes

61.Daniel Dela Paz

62.Ester Santos Bitanga

63.Tom Bautista

64.Raul Jara

65.Eileen Manalo

66.Gisel Catalan

67.Grace Catalan

68.Darby Santiago

69.Ester Penserga

70.Lourdes Blanco Capito – Dept. OB Gyne Chairperson

71.Venancio Gloria

72.Joselito Jamir – Former Chairman of Department of ENT

73.Jose Bautista

74.Bill Veloso

75.Florencio Lucero

76.Leonila Dans

77.Tony Dans – Outstanding Teacher Awardee

78.Mary Ann Lim-Abrahan

79.Leonor Cabral-Lim

80.Cecilia Jimeno

81.Nina Alejo Ramirez

82.Jess Marin

83.Madonna Calderon Domingo

84.Cecile Maramba-Lazarte

85.Rey Jaime Tan

86.Iris Thiele Isip-Tan

87.Cynthia Leynes

88.Brian Cabral

89.Faith Joan Mesa-Gaerlan

90.Joy Novero

91.Lia Palileo

92.Irma Makalinao

93.Lynn Gomez

94.Nic Nicomedez

95.Homer Co

96.Richard Vincent Dimagiba

97.Nelia Cortes-Maramba – Professor Emeritus

98.Leah Patricia Arceo

99.Lourdes Daez

100.      Nemencio Nicodemus Jr.

101.      Albert Jerome Quintos

102.      Maria Isabel Duavit

UP-PGH Doctor’s STATEMENT on Mass Leave of Absence to Protest the Blatant Disregard for a Democratic Process and Oppressive Ouster of a Legitimate Hospital Director

The Philippine General Hospital is in crisis because of a Hospital Director’s questionable appointment. When a tenured, democratically elected and functioning PGH Director in Dr. Jose C. Gonzales can be removed from office without due process and cause, it sends a message of oppression and shock to the PGH community.

On February 25, 2010 upon orders from the University of the Philippines’ Board of Regents, Dr. Gonzales was replaced by Dr. Enrique Domingo. On March 2, 2010 the College Council of the UP College of Medicine whose membership represents the majority of doctors and faculty members of PGH, overwhelmingly approved a resolution (with a vote of 199 to 19) recognizing Dr. Jose Gonzales as the duly appointed Director of PGH until December 2012.

Therefore, unless the Board of Regents restore Dr. Jose Gonzales as PGH Director, we the undersigned will take a mass leave of absence to express our anger and dismay over this blatant disregard for justice and fair play in the removal from office of one of our own PGH Doctor and to strongly protest the lack of a democratic process in selecting our Director.

We wish to make it clear that our actions will not affect life threatening or emergency cases in PGH patients but may only delay elective surgeries attendance to outpatient cases or other non-life threatening illnesses for a limited time only. Those of us in very sensitive leadership posts will likewise continue working in a limited capacity despite our LOA. We will not abandon our patients already admitted in hospital and will be available for emergency cases and critical aspects of patient care.

To this end,

We call on our patients and the public for understanding, as we will not neglect the care of the critically ill and emergent conditions, but may sadly have to defer outpatient consultations, elective surgical procedures and non-essential administrative functions.

We call on our medical students and resident trainees for support, as we demonstrate in deed, as in word, what it means to uphold and enflesh the noble traditions we cherish and the timeless principles we value.

We call on our colleagues- physicians, health professionals and health workers alike for introspection, reflection and realization that we share a common situation, and that we are challenged to make a common stand in conscience and with conviction.

We call on our leaders, elected or appointed to positions of authority in the University system, to examine their consciences, rectify the situation and assume the rightful role of servant leader rather than that of lord and master, for they are accountable to the People for their words and deeds.

We particularly call on the other members of the Board of Regents and the President of the University of the Philippines, to heed our resounding call, expressed through the representative voices of our organic Faculty, Staff and Alumni Regents, and through the silenced voice of our Student Regent, as we echo the closing lines of UP Naming Mahal:

Ating pagdiwang, bulwagan ng dangal,
humayo’t itanghal, giting at tapang,
mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan,
mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan!

Text and photo emailed to UP Issues.