Is Cheating Allowed in UP? Who’s In and Who’s Out

Posted on April 14, 2010


The more I think of what the (non organic) UP’s BOR members did last February 25 the more it becomes clear that these supposedly upright and powerful UP regents are nothing more than a bunch of CHEATERS. It all boiled down to just plain and simple cheating to get what they want and they even had the gall to call a student regent honest enough to admit she was not enrolled, a cheater. They subverted a simple rule of fair play, disregarded a BOR decision they all participated in, reopened a previous decision when they had the numbers so they can change a decision that was already carried out through the appointment of Dr. Jose Gonzales. They thought that a small and insignificant number of protesters are the only ones who would notice. They thought the protest would just go away. They thought UP wouldn’t care because recently hardly anyone did. They couldn’t be more wrong. The proud University of the Philippines is waking up. The UP College of Medicine College Council is in. The UP Student Council is in. The All UP Workers Union is in. The UP Medical Alumni Association and the UP medical Alumni Association of America are in. The University Council of UP Manila is now in. They all want to bring back what is right. We want truth and honor back to UP. Ibalik nating ang tama sa buong UP. Ngayon na at tayong lahat na.

Dra. Agnes Mejia. A voice of integrity in the UP College of Medicine. May her tribe increase.

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