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Posted on November 23, 2010


From the College of Science website: www.science.upd.edu.ph

UP Kilos Na Calendar

Faculty, staff and students of the College of Science are strongly encouraged to participate actively and responsibly in the various multisectoral activities that are currently scheduled by the UP Diliman community to convince the national government to increase its proposed UP Budget for fiscal year 2011.

The College is in dire need of additional funding support to properly maintain and operate the National Science Complex (NSC) that is scheduled for completion in 2011. The NSC is built to provide a nurturing and enabling environment to Filipino scientists, researchers and students allowing them to generate new knowledge and to offer cutting-edge technical support and accurate scientific advice to the Philippine government and the private sector especially the small and medium scale enterprises.

Today, the College is composed of eleven constituent units including five national institutes and seven CHED Centers of Excellence. Four of the national institutes were established in the 1980’s (MSI, NIGS, NIP, NSRI) while the fifth (NIMBB) was created in the 1990’s.  The yearly MOOE budget allocations that are used to fund R&D activities in the national institutes have not been increased since the institutes were first founded if only to neutralize the debilitating effects of inflation and to support the needs of an increasing number of PhD faculty members that are being employed in CS units.

Please read the UP Kilos Na Calendar here .

19 November 2010


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