Sectoral Regents’ Letter to HOR on UP Budget Cut

Posted on November 23, 2010


Sectoral Regents’ Letter to HOR

September 2010


We, the Sectoral Regents of the University of the Philippines-System representing the students, faculty , researchers and rank and file employees of the University respectfully urge your Office to support our bid for a higher UP Budget and our collective opposition to the 1.39 billion budget cut for the year 2011.

The UP budget is not only an indicator of prudent financial management—a significant feature of good governance—but a strong gauge of government’s commitment to human development and social welfare. Apart from allocations for salaries and other maintenance and other operating expenses that are needed for the University’s upkeep, the UP budget reserves approximately twenty five percent of its budget for UP-PGH (Philippine General Hospital). These two important social services—education and health service—give flesh and blood to our University’s esteemed prominence as a public university committed to academic excellence and the best and reliable health service, both formed and conducted for the people.     Top of Form

Thus, it is with great urgency that we seek your representation to put right a budget plan for the University of Philippines that cuts down the proposed budget from an approved budget of P6.91 billion in 2010 to P5.52 billion for 2011. The pending budget cut results from the P704 million cut in Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and the zero allocation for capital outlay (CO).


The pending budget cut for UP-PGH’s  amounts to P114 million (P417M in 2010 and P303 M in 2011). The 2011 budget proposal allocates nothing for capital outlay against a P12 M in 2010. These alarming figures are unacceptable given the crucial role of PGH as a public health institution catering mainly to poor patients. PGH serves annually  about 600,000 patients from all over the Philippines It trains an average of 160 medical students and 80-90 post graduate interns from various medical schools. Our medical students are the most qualified among a thousand of applicants nationwide. PGH also keeps 19 clinical departments that  continue to deliver comprehensive care to Filipinos, with a preferential option for the poor and the marginalized.


As our esteemed representatives in the House of Representatives, we, the Sectoral Regents of the University of the Philippines enjoin you to support our just  demand for a higher UP budget for the needs of the university. This includes an additional MOOE of P693.358 million and funding for CO based on the 2011 budget proposal submitted by UP  to the Department of Budget Management.  We are also asking for the inclusion of at least P400 million peso allocation for medical assistance including hospitalization to indigent patients of UP PGH.


The 2008 UP Charter also states that apart from the regular allocation from the annual GAA, UP must receive a centennial fund of P100 million for a period of 5 years starting 2008.


Faculty Regent Judy Taguiwalo

Staff Regent Buboy Cabrera

Student Regent Cori Co