Open Letter to the UC: On Draft Code of Student Conduct

Posted on December 10, 2010


December 10, 2010


Warm Greetings of Solidarity!

In behalf of the studentry of UP Diliman, the University Student Council would like to extend its commendation to the University Council—our faculty, for being in solidarity with the whole UP Community in our campaign to oppose the decreasing budget allocation given to UP and other SUCs, parallel to our call for greater state

Since the previous semester, we have shown our University’s resolve in advancing the right of the people for quality and accessible education. On November 25, we have advanced in practice by demonstrating our broad unities in a mobilization of at least 3000 members of the UP Community to assert for greater state subsidy. On
November 26, the UC formalized its call for greater state subsidy and further strengthened the unity of the whole UP community, while students of SUCs marched to Mendiola carrying one call.

Despite government’s attempt to confuse the community and undermine our unity, we pushed on to an intensified action. On December 1, in the Senate plenary on the proposed 2011 budget, we marched together to assert greater state subsidy. Now, we have gained an initial victory of a PhP146 M reallocation of budget to SUCs, as well as at least PhP780 M congressional insertion on the UP budget. While such victory remains menial at best as it is far below the budgetary requirements of SUCs, we have learned that we can march forward as one community in the advancement of our rights and welfare. Such can be our starting point for wave upon waves of campaign which we can victoriously achieve.

Our experience in the past months is a testament of the diligence and resoluteness of the students in forwarding and defending their rights and welfare alongside the various sectors in the University. While the struggle against tuition and other fees increase remain a primary concern for the students, we have been resolute in defending our democratic rights inside the University.

As the University Council meets to discuss the 2010 Draft Code of Student Conduct, we call your attention to the real points of debate on the matter. That there was no participatory democratic process in the creation of the code itself, students—through their duly mandated councils were not represented in the drafting of the code. That the code remains irrelevant to the actual concerns of the students with respect to welfare services. That the code shall violate the right or students to organize and unite to respond to concerns and issues. That the code is inconsistent with the beliefs of the student councils which represent the interests of the students. Because of the foregoing, the UP Diliman University Student Council (UPD-USC) and the League of College Councils (LCC) together with the different student formations and organizations refuse to support this code and call on our faculty to carry on this position.

Now, our unity is being tested once again. The National Government is pitting the community against each other in an apparent attempt to show that there is not enough resources and that policies have to be put in place for members of the community to make do with the loss of their rights. This government attempts to focus attention away from its abandonment of our rights to an illogical fight among its stakeholders. We are challenged to steadfastly unite and advance our rights and welfare.

We call on our faculty to build on the unity we have reached in the budget campaign

and in the spirit of that unity heed the democratic aspiration of your students for their

rights to be advanced. We call on you to speak on behalf of the students:

Disapprove the Draft Code of Student Conduct, Advance Students Rights and Welfare!

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