Implementasyon ng SSL3 Tranche 4

Posted on May 10, 2012


Narito po ang dokumento sa implementasyon ng SSL3 4th Tranche. Ito na po ang huling increase para sa SSL3. Maaaring idownload rito: SSL3 TRANCHE 4

Para po sa ating kaalaman ito po ang mga magiging epekto nito sa ating mga manggagawa sa gobyerno:
(copy paste mula sa email ni VP Amante)

1.    Many of our faculty are in the Associate Prof category (SG25):    will receive a pay rate increase
of about  15 percent (P6,882 per month).

2.     Many of  our admin staff (SG 10) will receive a pay rate increase of 8.2 percent (P1,307 per month).

3.     Most VPs  & Chancellors (SG29) will receive a pay rate increase of  17 percent (P10,611 per month).

4.     The UP President (SG31)  will receive a  lower pay rate increase,  at 13 percent (P10,271) —
similar to President Noynoy Aquino’s (SG33),  who  will receive a  12.7 percent pay rate increase (P12,530).

To be honest,   I do not know the economic,  management or compensation theory to explain all these increases.

5.     Withholding taxes (30 percent for higher salary grades)  will eat up a significant amount
of the pay increases.

6.       The lower salary grades receive a lower pay increase.    SG1  is now P9,000 monthly (compared to
P8,287 before),   or a pay rate incrase of  8.6%  (P713 per month).


Ms. Perlita C. Rana

Secretary General

National Executive Board

All UP Academic Employees Union

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